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Photographs taken by Cecy Young.

Cecy Young was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. After exploring painting, drawing, and almost enrolling in film school, she decided to study photography in her hometown. “I was very insecure back when I started in Mexico, and I was not sure which style of photography I wanted to focus on,” Young says, “I was too shy to say I wanted to do fashion photography. But once I acknowledged this, I knew I wanted to do everything possible to pursue this dream.” The photographer decided to spend one year in Paris studying and building up a portfolio of work and clients. She began to be commissioned for small projects while working as a freelancer and then started booking commercial jobs with a varied array of clients like Gucci, Dior Beauty, i-D MX, Elle Japan, and more.


Amongst her body of work however, it is her personal projects based on locations that especially highlight her appreciation for colour and her eye for capturing the beauty in the mundane. Chiapas — where the oranges seem to shine as if they had just been plucked and the women appear to have the glossiest black hair ever — was amongst the locations she chose to capture through film due to its natural splendour. “Colours and light just seem to happen when you are in places like this,” Young says, “I wanted to show the rich culture and traditions of Mexico and also the privileged and abundant environment of the jungle and the nature of the area.” 


















When asked about the challenges and benefits faced during her career as a Mexican, Young replies: “When I started, 10 years ago, it was hard as a Mexican to work abroad. There were not many opportunities to grow in my hometown… going abroad was expensive and I needed a visa. Trying to make it as an immigrant and a Mexican was hard,” Young shares, “Nowadays the industry in Mexico is flourishing and we have so many new talents. Creatives are embracing our roots in a beautiful way, and I see many international brands working in Mexico and [shooting] campaigns there. It’s very nice to see that the opportunities are improving.”


Being part of Tequila Don Julio’s 80 list alongside creatives she admires like Sofía Elías and Alfredo Martinez is a privilege for Young: “They are brilliant designers and innovators.” Young believes that doing something Por Amor means “to not think about external opinions or pressures and just do what you want. If people like it or not that’s okay. The important thing is to be sincere.”

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Chiapas - Cecy Young's photographic project.